Recommendations from former employers
"Eksilio Oy is a start-up company and typically start-ups have many challenges in the beginning. For example the visual design usually needs a professional's opinion.
We got to know Jemina through recommendations and told her about our troubles. We hadn't been able to find a fitting visual design for our company. We wanted it to be fitting to our industry, but differentiate us from others with a fresh and innovative image. And we were in a hurry to get things done. 
The original idea for the logo Jemina came up with in the first meeting. She then proceeded to execute the idea brilliantly, so even the first draft was a slam dunk. The color scheme and design was perfect for us. And in just a moment we had ourselves professional, modern and elegant business cards.
Jemina is an excellent team player and has a high work moral independently and with others. Her personality is open to others, full of ideas and really creative. She is able to swiftly absorb things and visualize the customer company's profile and develop an unique image for the company. "
-Thomas Tapio, CEO of Exsilio
 "Jemina was a fast worker and every time job was done during time limits. 
Also the result was what we expected."
-Kari Vuorinen, CTO of Plantui
"I worked with Jemina last year during a series of theatre directions where Jemina designed the visual material to. Jemina is a determined, precise and improvement seeking young artist. I can strongly recommend Jemina for any work, internship or studies which includes working in artistically challenging projects." 
-Ronja Siljander, (theatre/drama instructing student)
"I highly recommend Jemina Nylund. She is a very active, motivated, creative and talented advertising designer and even an inspirational teamplayer with excellent communication skills. I have no hesitation in recommending Jemina as she is a key asset to any organisation."
-Minna Teittinen, Senior Lecturer of Marketing,
Turku University of Applied Sciences
"She understood our consept very quickly, and really put all of her creativity into the end result. A lovely personality to work with, which is always a big plus."
-Anna Nyholm, COO of Fauna hair

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